I Want A Fat Woman!! Fat Enough..

I Want A Fat Woman-  Those are precious words that you can hardly hear from a man’s mouth today but Jaybee just said it( I want a fat woman).

Remember back in the day when the bigger a woman was, the better looking she was considered?
Remember how that used to be the evidence of good living? It used to be the proof that she was well taken care of by her father or husband, preferably her husband. Remember how the women with wide hips and butts as wide as pillows held sideways used to boast of having anikebe super? We  Igbo men call such hips/butt “ukwu pathfinder [pathfinder hips],” “ukwu transformer [transformer hips],” “ukwu v-boot [v-boot hips],” “ike danger [dangerous butt] … and the list goes on. Well, what happened all of a sudden?

Why did we men stop wanting the pathfinder hips, hips that are sure to find the path at any given point, even without a GPS? 

Why did we men stop wanting the CGPA butt, that can upgrade your CGPA from second class to first class? 

Why  did we men stop wanting the transformer hips, hips that can power the electricity in an entire block (or consequently cause the electricity to fail due to too much voltage)? 

 Did we stop wanting the hips shaped like that v-boot Mercedes Benz? 

 Did we stop wanting the dangerous butts, the kind that literally cost people their lives? Or did  women, change?

Women everywhere seem to be in a craze for the skinny bones(figure 8, when you are not a number). Have the African women become more educated about the risks and dangers of obesity? Or have thet become more westernized, looking to the likes of Beyonce and Rihanna, for our ideal image? What is really going on? What we used to consider voluptuous, curvy, and shapely is now plain ol’ fat. One man’s fat, I realize, is another man’s average and vice versa.

But the interesting thing is that, while the women spend a lot of time making ourselves over, redefining the meaning of [black] beauty, nipping here and tucking there,our(men)  standard of beauty,  has remained the same: tall, dark, and handsome.

But Ladies, Please what's wrong with your size?

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